Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OK, let's see if this helps get me going...

Ok, I'll try anything to keep on task.
I have an ambitious to-do list.
If I put this out there and know somebody, anybody
will see it, then I feel more pressure to actually stick to it.
Today, I work til 11.
My tasks planned are -
make American Potatoes
(baked potatoes topped with chicken and cheese)
This one is easy and yummy, not a problem.
I am to deliver them for lunch tomorrow to Rob's mom,
lunch at the nursing home is not pretty tomorrow....

Now the daunting task of the day -
going thru the girls' pictures and getting them figured out
as to who I need to send what to, starting letters, notes, etc.
I hope it won't be as bad as it feels it will be.
One thing about procrastination is that there is dread in starting
something you've put off so long. It will feel good to knock this
one off the list. Wish me luck!

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Lizardmom said...

OK, progress today hasn't been as much as hoped for but not too bad.
Work was insane and I just didn't feel like much after working, running errands and teaming up against Max's claws and clipping.
The American potatoes were really good, Shanna dropped off Rob's moms for tomorrow already, so she is set.
I am going to set up shop in the living room with the picture project from the girls' pictures and I can putter while catching up on recorded stuff. It's still progress!!