Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OK, let's see if this helps get me going...

Ok, I'll try anything to keep on task.
I have an ambitious to-do list.
If I put this out there and know somebody, anybody
will see it, then I feel more pressure to actually stick to it.
Today, I work til 11.
My tasks planned are -
make American Potatoes
(baked potatoes topped with chicken and cheese)
This one is easy and yummy, not a problem.
I am to deliver them for lunch tomorrow to Rob's mom,
lunch at the nursing home is not pretty tomorrow....

Now the daunting task of the day -
going thru the girls' pictures and getting them figured out
as to who I need to send what to, starting letters, notes, etc.
I hope it won't be as bad as it feels it will be.
One thing about procrastination is that there is dread in starting
something you've put off so long. It will feel good to knock this
one off the list. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ah, the fun of being at work...

This is SO true!!
The very people that make you crazy are the same ones that
tell you to calm down and relax.
Well, if it weren't for THEM, I would be!!

This past week, and today especially I was reminded of a girl
that used to work with us.
She had the midas touch with the personality of an angry dragon.
She was good at anything she did.
(Latrice, Latrice, Latrice, I just don' t miss you :( )
She had so much potential but only on 'her' terms.
She only wanted to do what she wanted to do, when she wanted to do it.
I'm so glad she isn't with us anymore.

We have another one similar to her.
This is a guy. He has insane potential.
He's great at anything he does.
He now has the same attitude of only wanting to do what he wants,
when he wants to do it, where he wants to do it.

Some days he's awesome, and it's so great to have him working
with us. Then there are days like today when it could have been
a mob setting. He made the comment to a regular drive thru gal
that he's not going 'in there, it's cold out'.
OK, girls are the weaker sex? Chivalry is dying a painful death.
This guy acts like he's there to save the day, as long as it's not 'there'.

His day will come.
Christy is going to be talking to him today, she told me.
I will be talking to him.
I will have a hand in breaking his attitude.
I will not be his favorite person until he corrects this insanity.

He will either sink or swim.
He's welcome to swim to his hearts delight, but
if he keeps this up, I will have a hand in helping him SINK.

ah yes, the fun of work...

Facebook - not just for kids anymore!

Hmm. This Facebook thing is interesting.
I didn't know what to think of it, or what to expect of it.

I have been very surprised that it's not just a teen thing.
I have found friends from school, relatives, many people I know on there.

It is kinda fun to keep in touch better. I was very skeptical but
think I have figured out the draw to it.
I am not addicted the way many of the teens are.
When it comes to chatting,
I still prefer yahoo messenger.

It is a good way to keep up on what is going on in the lives of people you know.
It's nice to stay in touch better especially if it's long distance.

How did we ever live without the internet???

Oh to just have ambition!

I have been trying to get a list for myself of things to go every day.
This hasn't been going too bad, but there are a couple things...

Short term things that were on the list -
scrub tub and tile
(most dreaded job on earth)
(finished before 8am Sunday morning)

clean out the vaporizer from when I was sick
(fairly easy)
(also finished before 8am Sunday morning)

Make eclairs
(easy, yummy and done)
(finished this afternoon)

OK, those were easy.
Here are the long, tedious, dreaded ones...

Pull out all photo albums.
Reorganize, downsize, and completely take on and FINISH
putting away all pictures that are piled up or tucked in MANY boxes.

I have my basement counter top clear and a banquet table ready to go,
but the task is still looming and seems too daunting to begin.
Maybe I'll attempt that one later in the week. I have to start it sometime!

Another big, dreaded project - cleaning out the far back frightening
area of the basement. It's cluttered. It's dirty. It's claustrophobic.
It's a disaster.
It's scary.

Another one to be done, related to the photo project -
going thru the girls' senior pictures and figuring out who
got them, who needs them and how many letters or notes need to
be written and sent with the pictures.
The task itself isn't so bad but it's time consuming and mind numbing.
This is actually the 1st task I will attempt, possibly as early as tomorrow!

I do not have any other tasks after that.
Those alone will take me a LONG time.

I think I need a nap...

Oh that hormone crazed loverboy...

This is Max.
Max goes thru mating season every fall.
This is NOT fall.
Max thinks it is mating season and is glowing orange again.
Who is the lucky girl that Max is desperately seeking the affection of??
Oh yes, you guessed it, that would be lucky me...

Oh my stud-muffin.
All he does, every waking minute, is scratch on the glass,
trying to get to his mommy.
I hope this ends soon, the boy is going to lose his mind!

One good thing to come out of it is a new home remedy to stop
a bleed - pepper!
Max shows his undying affection by trying to bite.
He nipped my finger Friday morning, and it would not stop
bleeding! I was online with a friend from England, who
told me to sprinkle pepper on it.
Of course, I thought he was strange but did try it,
and by jove, it worked!
Who woulda thunk it...

I know I should be flattered but I'm more concerned about
his fragile ego and his impending insanity, poor boy!