Monday, February 23, 2009

Ah, the fun of being at work...

This is SO true!!
The very people that make you crazy are the same ones that
tell you to calm down and relax.
Well, if it weren't for THEM, I would be!!

This past week, and today especially I was reminded of a girl
that used to work with us.
She had the midas touch with the personality of an angry dragon.
She was good at anything she did.
(Latrice, Latrice, Latrice, I just don' t miss you :( )
She had so much potential but only on 'her' terms.
She only wanted to do what she wanted to do, when she wanted to do it.
I'm so glad she isn't with us anymore.

We have another one similar to her.
This is a guy. He has insane potential.
He's great at anything he does.
He now has the same attitude of only wanting to do what he wants,
when he wants to do it, where he wants to do it.

Some days he's awesome, and it's so great to have him working
with us. Then there are days like today when it could have been
a mob setting. He made the comment to a regular drive thru gal
that he's not going 'in there, it's cold out'.
OK, girls are the weaker sex? Chivalry is dying a painful death.
This guy acts like he's there to save the day, as long as it's not 'there'.

His day will come.
Christy is going to be talking to him today, she told me.
I will be talking to him.
I will have a hand in breaking his attitude.
I will not be his favorite person until he corrects this insanity.

He will either sink or swim.
He's welcome to swim to his hearts delight, but
if he keeps this up, I will have a hand in helping him SINK.

ah yes, the fun of work...

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