Sunday, December 19, 2010


This may be the last post from this site, yet to be determined.
Hubby, in his infinite, lazy wisdom, instead of pushing a simple button on his own computer to turn it on, used mine when setting up a gmail account for his brother. Sounds innocent enough, EXCEPT it piggy backed my account to his... and after much clicking and before I realized it, I had reset the password for my brother in laws email account. Now, from what I understand, he rarely checks his email unless his girlfriend does it for him. If she should check it, and not be able to access it, they may reset the password again, and I may lose the ability to come back on here, and will have to set up a different one, which I really don't want to do.

I hate change, and I hate when change is wrongly forced on me, so with that, if I can't reach him to let him know what's up and I can't get in here anymore, I bit you adeu for now, only hoping this mess will get cleared up and I can remain ME...

signing off for now, possibly forever from this particular one,