Friday, November 7, 2008

Some days you're the bug, some days you're the wind shield...

Some people have all the luck, hey?

Things that make you go WOW...

Today was insane, well, not really, just ONE person,
with ALOT of ANGER issues and a probable
blood pressure ready to burst.

This got me thinking.

How many times have people come into places, not just ours,
and been completely furious and gotten their undies into
an insanely painful bundle over something very small
in the grand plan of the universe, I mean REALLY!

Simple fact, we serve breakfast in the morning (7:30am...)
This put this lady into nothing short of a terroristic fury.
The wrath rained down on anyone who was in close proximity to her.
The world was going to end and she was going
down and taking us with her over - get this...
(as she snarled at me, I can get a salad in the field...)
Couldn't she have found a chicken there too??

Yes, the egg came before the chicken, proof positive -
We serve EGGS for breakfast and CHICKEN for lunch.
GEEZ, if she was on her way to a DR apt, they probably
admitted her to the hospital with tripled blood pressure numbers.

We don't get paid enough to take such abuse!
Man, I feel very under appreciated!!!

OK, I'm putting my soap box away and going to curl up
in a ball and hide!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If my kids ever drag something like this home...

If EVER my kids come home with anything like this,
then we've clearly done something wrong!
Can you imagine what their mothers must feel when they see
their once cute child do this to themselves, ewwww!

Rob WOULD get himself a real gun if it came to this!
Metal bars would probably be installed on their windows,
and deprogramming would have to take place, or
something, yikes!!!!!!!

Possible caption -
Picture top left - "Kiss me baby!!"
Picture top right - "Dude, look what my buddies did to me after I passed out last night!"
Picture bottom right - "Man, NEVER go to a tattoo guy when he's ticked at somebody!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good idea or a bust??

OK, here is my plan.

This will be one of hopefully many cleaning accountability blogs.
My plan is this.
I put a list up of tings I need to get done.

The up side to this is that I will feel the need to actually GET it done.
The down side is that I don't know if anybody will even see it for me to
report back to, thus taking the pressure off that I need on!
Is anybody out there that will help keep the pressure on?
Well, I'm going to give it a go regardless.

Here is my list...

Clean out Rob's closet
Clean out MY closet - the worst with TOO much to do in it!
Clean the windows inside and out - may or may not happen
Thoroughly clean out both boys enclosures
And last but not least, and actually tomorrows target -
Cleaning all the ceiling fans (6) , blades and all light shades.

OK, now the pressure is on, we'll see if it works!!

Is it Monday already???

Wow, this past weekend went WAY too fast, I even had a 3 day weekend that I really enjoyed,
Rob was gone for the weekend, the kids were barely home, and it all came to an end way too fast!

Granted, I did get alot done this weekend, I could still use another couple days of sleeping in, lounging around, then getting that burst of energy and getting stuff done. Why does Monday have to come so fast and ruin everything?

So what is on the list of things to do this week? Cleaning out both boys' enclosures, cleaning out both bedroom closets in our room, if the weather holds out - cleaning the windows, taking all the light shades off all the ceiling fans (6) and cleaning them, as well as all the furry fan blades...
I'd rather crawl back into bed than get ready and get to work :(