Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If my kids ever drag something like this home...

If EVER my kids come home with anything like this,
then we've clearly done something wrong!
Can you imagine what their mothers must feel when they see
their once cute child do this to themselves, ewwww!

Rob WOULD get himself a real gun if it came to this!
Metal bars would probably be installed on their windows,
and deprogramming would have to take place, or
something, yikes!!!!!!!

Possible caption -
Picture top left - "Kiss me baby!!"
Picture top right - "Dude, look what my buddies did to me after I passed out last night!"
Picture bottom right - "Man, NEVER go to a tattoo guy when he's ticked at somebody!"


drewzepmeister said...


I can not see why anyone who would more holes in their bodies than golf course. It looks tacky! It's a major turn-off! I could not date anyone who looks like this.

On the other hand,I can appreciate a good tattoo.If done with good taste,it can be a turn on.(like a butterfly on the lower back.)

If my son come home with a tattoo or piercing,LOOK OUT! Until he's 18,I'm the boss.

BTW,I don't have any tattoos nor piercings.

Mary said...

LOL!!!! All I saw in my head was Rob tossing them from the house! So what are you saying Sandy, A or S have boys like this? LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh!

I can only imagine what nursing homes will look like in the future.

Anonymous said...

That guy on the right could run around naked and nobody would see anything......if of course he had tattooed his....um....you know.