Friday, November 7, 2008

Things that make you go WOW...

Today was insane, well, not really, just ONE person,
with ALOT of ANGER issues and a probable
blood pressure ready to burst.

This got me thinking.

How many times have people come into places, not just ours,
and been completely furious and gotten their undies into
an insanely painful bundle over something very small
in the grand plan of the universe, I mean REALLY!

Simple fact, we serve breakfast in the morning (7:30am...)
This put this lady into nothing short of a terroristic fury.
The wrath rained down on anyone who was in close proximity to her.
The world was going to end and she was going
down and taking us with her over - get this...
(as she snarled at me, I can get a salad in the field...)
Couldn't she have found a chicken there too??

Yes, the egg came before the chicken, proof positive -
We serve EGGS for breakfast and CHICKEN for lunch.
GEEZ, if she was on her way to a DR apt, they probably
admitted her to the hospital with tripled blood pressure numbers.

We don't get paid enough to take such abuse!
Man, I feel very under appreciated!!!

OK, I'm putting my soap box away and going to curl up
in a ball and hide!!!!!

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