Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh to just have ambition!

I have been trying to get a list for myself of things to go every day.
This hasn't been going too bad, but there are a couple things...

Short term things that were on the list -
scrub tub and tile
(most dreaded job on earth)
(finished before 8am Sunday morning)

clean out the vaporizer from when I was sick
(fairly easy)
(also finished before 8am Sunday morning)

Make eclairs
(easy, yummy and done)
(finished this afternoon)

OK, those were easy.
Here are the long, tedious, dreaded ones...

Pull out all photo albums.
Reorganize, downsize, and completely take on and FINISH
putting away all pictures that are piled up or tucked in MANY boxes.

I have my basement counter top clear and a banquet table ready to go,
but the task is still looming and seems too daunting to begin.
Maybe I'll attempt that one later in the week. I have to start it sometime!

Another big, dreaded project - cleaning out the far back frightening
area of the basement. It's cluttered. It's dirty. It's claustrophobic.
It's a disaster.
It's scary.

Another one to be done, related to the photo project -
going thru the girls' senior pictures and figuring out who
got them, who needs them and how many letters or notes need to
be written and sent with the pictures.
The task itself isn't so bad but it's time consuming and mind numbing.
This is actually the 1st task I will attempt, possibly as early as tomorrow!

I do not have any other tasks after that.
Those alone will take me a LONG time.

I think I need a nap...

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Lizardmom said...

oh the to do list of failures... tomorrow is another day....