Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on my leg :(

Getting old sucks.
Getting old and a little off balance sucks.
Getting old, being a little off balance and falling down REALLY sucks.

Last Thursday, I fell getting out of the car at work.
It was black ice.
It had rained and froze over night.
When I got out of the car, my right leg shot out from under
me and I proceeded down very fast into a horrible rendition of the splits.
I just stayed on the ground, unable to see straight from the pain.
This was 3:30am....
nobody in sight,
just me, on the cold, hard, unkind ground.
After a few minutes I managed to somehow get up but it wasn't easy.
I was in such pain I didn't know if I would be able to make it all the way to the building or not, but had to try.
That was a very bad day.
The next day was a little better.
I figured it was just a pulled muscle and it would get a little better every day.
Friday (the following day) , my foot slipped on a stupid ice cube.
I didn't' fall but my foot swung out in front of me by about a foot,
straining the already painful muscle.
I made a horrible sound and my grill lady, Bertha
came running to see what happened and to help.
There was nothing she could do and I felt horrible for scaring her so.

I just had to stay still and wait for the incredibly overpowering pain to
let up enough for me to try standing without the aid of the
ice machine I was holding on to for dear life.

Saturday wasn't too bad but then yesterday, Sunday was really bad.
I called and was able to get into my DR this morning at 11:15,
with the aid of a dear and wonderful friend and fellow blogger, Donna.

It hurts to sit, really really bad.
It hurts to do just about anything but stand.
I found out I tore the muscle, not completely, just enough to be
in a lot of pain for 4-6 more weeks...

I have good drugs on the way, and I am to take it as easy as I can.
Ya, right... that's way easier said than done.
I will try to be good, but I can't promise, but I do want it to heal quickly.
I am not a fun person when I'm in pain!!

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