Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm BACK!! and laid up temporarily...

Our trip to Florida went well,

Poor Ruth's beach-front wedding ended up in the reception area of the church :(
It rained all the day before and very early that morning.
She handled it well and had a great time, and is insanely happily married!!
I'm so happy for her!

We got home from our trip Thursday afternoon,
tried catching up on emails, blogs, which I'm very behind on STILL,
unpacked what I could, still have things to put away
and my desk top to clear, again,......dishes to do........
and I had heel spur surgery today. I was told it went well.
I can only move my middle 3 toes on that foot, so I know slowly
the feeling is coming back. I can take another good drug at 4am...
I'll be on the couch with my foot propped up thru Monday noon,
then I have to start seeing if I can walk on it. This weekend I rest.
I can prop my foot up while at the computer tho, so I will pop on and off :)

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