Thursday, October 16, 2008

For theraputic reasons only! I just need to RANT!!

disclaimer - today was very trying, very frustrating, not a great day. I am better now but think a good rant will rid me of any residual effects from today, so this is only to get this out of my system, don't freak out thinking I'm going off the deep end

Today was not a stellar day at all at work. I felt like I was under serious assault. We were very busy, somewhat short handed, things were not very organized, leading to more problems than were really needed, not that problems are ever really needed.

From 6:30-10am we rifled thru over 400 cars, which isn't always that bad but today , it was BAD.
Contributing factors to my level of bad...

1. full moon = a bunch of stupid, rude, and insane people, alot more than the norm. Basically chaos of the uncontrollable kind.

2. I'm PMS-ing to beat the band. Just look at me crooked and I may come flying out this window and choke you!

3. I'm pre-menopausal and my hormones are way out of whack and the very little pill that keeps them in line ran out last week - luckily for me, my refill arrived in the mail today - whoo hoo!! Pretty funny, I'm listening to a doctor show and they're talking about what I'm going thru and how hormones right now make me insane!! Honest, that's what they said!

4. CELL PHONES - they should be BANNED in drive thru!! Look at it this way, when you pull up to my speaker, you are basically calling me and when I answer, you should be expecting to talk to me, that's what you pulled up for, right?? NO, These self absorbed sorts tell ME to hold on while they continue their phone conversation, thus making the people in line behind them mad, and understandably so, but then the people that get angered with the phone people, then come to ME and they're very unhappy. I can relate!

5. Public school late start days. For some odd reason, these days are the absolute worst days of the year. It feels like all of Case High School converged upon us today all at once. The 'little darlings' storm drive thru and act like a bunch of ADHD kindergartners on speed, or they come in like unruly lions in desperate need of a tamer, or tazer, hmmm, I think I prefer the tazer idea!! ANIMALS!!

6. Grown ups that are into origami or just crumpling for fun. I'm talking about their money.These are adults I'm talking about here. They hand me money, all individually either wadded up, or creatively folded and tangled, or somehow mutilated so I can't even tell what they've handed me. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE - do you think I have a barrel under my cash drawer in which I just drop in handfuls of wadded money, that in turn we take to the bank in garbage bags where the ever patient bank people use their magic steam roller and POOF - out comes nice, neat, flattened and presentable money to go back into the hands of these disorganized people hands again. I mean really, what do you honestly think I'm going to do with a wad of money?? Should I just drop it in my drawer and pawn it off on somebody who may enjoy it down the line?? I thought I was on some good drugs, not sure what some of these people are smoking!!

7. The simple 'pleasures' - It took 2 HOURS to get to the bathroom, nobody could cover me, we were getting hit everywhere and nobody could come up for air, and when they did, they were gasping for air!

8. MY FOOT. Yikes, I can't wait until I can stop wearing this boot. It's heavy, and clunky and as of yesterday, is causing my calf muscle to be VERY ticked off. I have been in a constant state of 'killer cramp coming on', but it hasn't yet, but it's ready at any given and inopportune time.

9. I was due to take another pain pill at 8am. I was not planning on it but needed it. I couldn't get away to get a drink to even down the pill til 10........ I opened today and was on my foot fairly non-stop for
3 1/2 hours, I thought I was up to it but my foot and calf sure didn't agree. Then to wait 2 extra hours for relief, NOT a good thing.

Numbers 1 thru 9 = NO PATIENCE, and the frustration meter shooting thru the roof and into outer space. And I open again tomorrow. Tomorrow tho, I have alot better staffing barring any more call in's. We had one call in before 5am... then another got a call while there only a little bit and had to leave. So my equation for the day is this -
Adequate staffing minus 2 crew plus early release day minus the pain meds I needed equal one miserable, horrible, awful, rotten bad day!!

Whew! I do feel better now!


Mary said...

AHHHH! It is so nice to hear someone else day was a crappy as mine! Short staffed-busy!!-stupid people-oh and I get to be the only manager on until 11am. Thanks for the laugh.

I'll take the Case kids any day over my WCA and KHS kids!
Kid playing his music so loud in my lobby:"I thought this was a free country!?"
Me: "This is private property and now you can go."
Kid:"I'm going to Burger King"
Stan:"Good, go!"

Love the little darlings! Plus I get the joys of 3rd shift drunks!!

At least I am off tomorrow! Sorry. :)

Lizardmom said...

the only manager til 11?? what did you do to tick Joni off??? I thought she liked you! and I thought you guys had an army of managers, what happened?
Enjoy your day off, I'll be out of there by 11 and won't look back!

Jenny said...

AAAAHHHHHH! The memories of the good old days... Thanks for reminding me I'm good where I'm at. At least you don't have a craft fair on your back... I am still spazzing. No end in sight. Baking, beading, taping of floors OH my... I know, shut up Jenny. I know where you're at, been there done with that!!!! Full moon and kids sucks too...