Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1st day back to work, yuck!

OK, so I went back to work today. I don't know if it sucked because
I went back to WORK, or because it's a full moon and the world is full of nut cases.
I'll go with a combination of both.

The day started OK, then all of Wisconsin seemed to come out and stormed
drive thru and none of them were very bright.

My foot held up pretty well but I can't wait until I am no longer gimpy.
I am taking Vicodin, which has been quite a disappointment.
Sure, it helps the pain, but for hearing how addictive it is, what a let down,
I expected it to wow me, either knock me out cold or make me wired, anything.
What can possibly be addictive about something that seems to do little more than advil?

CALGON take me away!!!
I go for my re-check Thursday at 11:30, hopefully it will be good news.

I'm making fudge, I deserve it after today! Then my foot will rest for the rest of the night.


drewzepmeister said...

Liz,glad to see you made it through your first day back at work. After a long a vacation,the first day seems like an eternity. With that foot of yours,I know,doesn't help. Hang in there,things will get better:)

Lizardmom said...

It started off good enough, it just took a dive rather quickly :(

all in all not a horrible day but it sure would be easier if I wasn't so limited. I know this too shall pass, I'm just not a super patient person when I'm hurting :(

I'll keep you updated! Am I sick to be curious to see the incision Thursday? I'm sure it's so little that it will seem more of a joke that from something so small can come such healing (and pain in the mean time!)

til then, I have delegated supper making to the girls :)~

Mary said...

It was because you went to work! I TOTALLY understand!!!

I agree with the whole vidocin thing. 150%!!! I think advil worked better for me.

Glad to hear you back gimmping around!

cyndi said...

Get better, girl! It was my first day back after being sick, it was Kindof hard:-( hope you are back in your feet again soon (groan! Bad pun, I know;-)