Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm outta here!!!!!!

I am leaving soon - yeah!!
Tomorrow is my last day working before we leave.
My friend Ruth is getting married Oct. 4th, and Rob and I will be there!!!
HA HA HA, kids are staying home - LOL!!!!!
Ah yes, the feel of freedom!!!!!
I can only imagine how many emails I will be coming home to, yikes!

This was a picture taken in Fort Lauderdale from our last trip to Florida.
Our hotel is actually in Fort Lauderdale, while Ruth is in Hollywood, just south of there.
The reception sounds like it will be close to our hotel,
but I believe the wedding will be at the beach -
Actually, will probably be rather warm :)

See you all when we get back, IF we come back :)


Jenny said...

Oh, That sounds so nice! Good luck with Max. Maybe Rob will be happier after a vacation.

Mary said...

Max-here is your chance! You will be alone and have full access to all of Rob's computers----Hey-that's it! Sandy, he wants Max gone so he can have more 'puter space-Have a great trip-which should now be almost over-so i guess i should say...WELCOME HOME and get back to work!

Lizardmom said...

we're in Alabama now, heading to Florida tomorrow, will be in Florida in one place or another til Tuesday morning when we head back home, should be home by thurs the 9th

drewzepmeister said...

Have a fun trip,Liz!