Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear Diary, it's me, remember me?? It's been a long time...

Dear Diary,
do you even remember me?
I'm so terrible at keeping you in the loop :(

Wow, the last time I came to you was back in May.
Since then, Anna graduated, and now I have
2, yes

2 kids in college!
The year is just whizzing by.
Rob has only worked about 1/3 of this year.
My house, oh my poor house...
he gutted the bathroom and decided that
trying to 'clean' his office would be a
great project to start too..
my living room has been totally invaded...
my bathroom is a huge mess,
his office is still a disaster and
daily I fight for keeping the out of control
mess monster at bay, and I'm getting
very territorial.

I just finished 3 days of schooling for work.
Basic Shift Management, or BSM for short.
The class was pretty good but one of the 3 other girls at
my table was IMPOSSIBLE!
Miss Millie Mouth, yikes!!
I will be hearing "I have a question"

in rapid succession for years to come!
She's probably a really nice person but
I wanted to tape her compulsive
hand-raising arm to her side!

ah yes, life goes on. Christmas is coming fast!
In theory, I will be working Thanksgiving,
as I did not last year and did tell Mel I would
this year if we're open. We'll see!

This weekend I am going to catch up on much needed sleep
before resuming my normal life and work
schedules Monday.
I have a 4 day work week and couldn't be happier!!

Til next time dear diary,
I'll try not to let the dust build up on you again!!

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drewzepmeister said...

OMG Liz! You're back! Sorry I didn't realize that you got your blog going again! I've so way behind in things it's unfathomable. Keep up with your diary! I'll be reading it!