Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Dear Diary"...

In this installment of this blog
(that I don't' know if anybody even reads or cares)
I will catch you up on the latest stuff that I have
so been neglecting you for.

At the end of April, I fell in the basement at work.
(the floor was very wet and the lights were off)
OK, I'm proof that work is VERY BAD FOR YOU!!

I fell very hard on my left knee. It swelled up instantly, and
was HUGE, with a giant water blob on my kneecap.
I couldn't bend my knee by the time I got home, and went to
the DR that afternoon.
Nothing broken or dislocated - yeah!
I bruised the kneecap pretty bad, and was told
it would be about 2 months to heal... yeah me....

The following day I had the most incredible bruising EVERYWHERE,
my knee and a good part of my leg too.
I am pretty well healed from that incident tho I
can't kneel down on it yet even on super cushy stuff.

Shanna is on her way home from Florida with Jenny and
her family, they tried to have a good time,
but it rained on them pretty much non-stop.
They're pretty water-logged.

Anna is at my moms until tomorrow night after the cookout.
She went to a murder mystery dinner last night,
all dressed up nice, she cleans up just AWESOME!
My baby girl is graduating this coming Friday,
can that be possible???

Rob will be heading home from Doug's place up north,
sometime tomorrow, it's been so quiet here!
I love it, wish it would happen more often :)

I just got a call from my neighbor. His granddaughter
just had a heart attack at the age of 26.
She is doing ok but is still in intensive care til tomorrow
for sure. Pretty scary stuff!!!
Hard to believe that it's possible at that age.
I hope she is doing much better tomorrow and
that her long term prognosis is a good one.

I work tomorrow then head to my moms
if I'm feeling up to it.
I'm fighting a cold, and had a terrible
night last night, was up ALOT :(

Here's to a good week ahead!! (I can hope!)

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