Friday, November 12, 2010


Wow, this seems to be a twice a year thing, oh dear diary,
do you even remember me???

I saw this and it was perfect. I was actually browsing pretty, elegant or just close renditions of what our dinner table for Thanksgiving would look like and I find this. Sure says it all , doesn't it??

Oh the memories of family gatherings, should give you the warm fuzzies,
until family...
for years, I had to make actual seating charts to keep those that didn't like each other apart, usually due to the fact one likes the other while that other one can't stand the 1st.. oh the drama...
and 'so-in-so' makes 'what's-her-name' angry,
this one offended that one, and on and on and on it goes...
my great aunt adored my grandma and for a reason nobody has ever known,
grandma despised the great aunt, so they couldn't even sit so one could see the other or grandmas blood would curdle... really people??
There are valid reasons sometimes, but it's a holiday, put it aside for the day and fake it like everybody else, seriously!!!

For years I thought my in-laws were the ideal functional family.
Then over the years the subtleties are noticeable... geez, is ANYBODY function in ANY family?? somebody give me some hope here!
This one doesn't like that one, this one irritates the other one,
years ago this one did something to that one, and it's not a forgiving bunch! Decades can pass between the offense and when they can be in the same room and one not still be seething, wow, I think all families are a mess.
Can anybody convince me otherwise??

This is the holiday to kick off the big couple month holiday season.
I 'DO' love Thanksgiving.
I 'do' it every other year now.
I work the other 'other' Thanksgivings and
cook for my side of the family the other years,
when my sister from Indiana comes to town.
I look forward to it, love cooking for it, and just hanging out and
just being together.
Even on bad years, we enjoy being together.
On rough years, we at least can fake it and appear like normal people :)

Then after Thanksgiving, the 'fun' begins, but that's for the next blog,
which will be soon, I promise, so much more to get out of my system

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Lizardmom said...

oh the joys of the season... and it's just beginning... :)