Friday, November 6, 2009

When I'm super woman...

wow, what a couple weeks it's been!
I was sick for 2 weeks, then went to prompt care
and got NO care...
had to call the dr the next morning after deciding against
the ER, was fixed over the phone, put on
antibiotics and super steroids.
3 days later I felt human again.
Over a week later I finish the wicked coughing
the crud out of my lungs.
This week the steroids in the system hit their peak,
and WOW, I've been super woman!
The energy, the amount of stuff I have gotten done,
the people I have shocked and made laugh at work
when I couldn't stand still and was
running around like a total nut,
this will continue at least another week!
Next week is the last week on the stuff,
then I will be coming down from this 'high'
I hope I stay healthy and still motivated.

Time will tell!

1 comment:

drewzepmeister said...

I hope so! I just done being sick for two weeks myself.